Transport and installation of the “Ooievaarsbrug” at Schiedam

For the transport of a 54t bridge from Middelburg to Rotterdam, Marine Heavy Lift Partners were asked to assist.

The bridge was built at construction company Hillebrand and needed to be transported to the city center of Schiedam. Therefore a Modular System was developed to put the bridge onto a ship at a certain angle. The Modular construction fits different bridges and is easy to transport by truck once the shipment is completed. MHLP was also asked to check the stability of the old lady MS Sial built in 1928. To increase the stability, it was decided to transport the bridge rotated at 90 degrees from the original plans. Therefore, lifting eyes needed to be developed that are easy to mount to and will avoid damaging the surface and construction of the bridge. The installation was smooth and without any delay. See it for yourself in this short clip


OperationInstallation of the “Ooievaarsbrug”
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