About us

Theoretical knowledge combined with practical experiences has always been the strength of Marine Heavy Lift Partners.

Marine Heavy Lift Partners was founded by Teun Hoogeveen and Piet van Bruggen in 1990. At this time, both had already over 20 years of experience. Teun as a structural engineer and naval architect at Heerema Marine Contractors and later at Smit International. Piet developed his professional skills as a marine superintendent and marine surveyor at ITC and Smit International. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience are the two key factors that enabled Marine Heavy Lift Partners to guarantee successful operations.

In 2015 Thijs Hofste and Joery Bergman acquired the company. The two partners have a firm engineering background and with the support of Teun Hoogeveen and Piet van Bruggen, Marine Heavy Lift Partners is now able to deliver an even better quality than before. The company now makes use of state-of-the-art software in order to design and deliver contemporary engineering solutions. In addition, these solutions are combined with the 45 years of experiences from the founders to provide our clients with optimal services for their projects.