OWF foundations Borkum Rifgrund 2

Shipment of 36 OWF foundations for Borkum Rifgrund 2

To facilitate the transport of 36 foundations for the OWF site Borkum Rifgrund 2, Marine Heavy Lift Parters made the designs and engineering for the load spreading and sea fastening on the Wagenborg Barges 7 and 8. For the fastening of the transition pieces (TP’s) a unique and easy to operate clamping device has been designed and engineered. Allowing for high rates of fastening and loosening.

Marine Heavy Lift was also responsible for all the ballast and stability calculation.


OperationBorkum Rifgrund 2
ClientWagenborg Towage
ResponsibilityDesign and engineering load spreading and sea fastening, barge strength calculations, ballast and stability calculations
Kind of service